LIMAK Banks on Innovation Leadership

For the fifth consecutive year, 2018 was also another record year of success for the LIMAK.

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The LIMAK’S successes can be attributed to its continual growth and advancements at the forefront of business education. For the eighth consecutive year, the numbers of participants in the continual education business programs and the project numbers at the LIMAK’s in-house (IN.SPIRE) area have risen. For the fifth consecutive year, LIMAK has celebrated its most successful year in its 30-year history: During the past eight years, the number of program participants has more than doubled annually and the IN.SPIRE area continues to enjoy great success. In 2018, 100 projects were carried out at 53 companies, meaning that since 2011, the number of annual projects has increased six-fold.
Compared to 2017, sales have increased by 12%.

Dr. Franz Gasselsberger, MBA, LIMAK President, remarked, “The LIMAK’s positive development in recent years shows just how important market proximity is in order to be successful. We have gained a foothold in Vienna as well and are continuing to celebrate milestone successes."

In addition to market proximity and focusing on real-world business skills and education, one of the LIMAK’s most important building blocks for success includes a strong academic foundation. As the title-awarding institution, the Johannes Kepler University has provided the LIMAK with unwavering support since its inception 30 years ago. Now, in addition to content networking with the MBA program’s academic directors, there are plans to physically bring the LIMAK closer to campus and in the spring of 2021, the LIMAK will move to the JKU campus.

JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas added, "The LIMAK will be physically located at the JKU, underpinning our close cooperation and successful collaboration - what belongs together, grows together. Particularly in times like these when the economy is growing and international competition is stronger, businesses need comprehensive qualification measures. The LIMAK’s valuable contribution as an expert for interdisciplinary learning and post-graduate studies is indispensable."