LIMAK’s Growth Continues – Plans to Move to the JKU Campus

In terms of increased enrollment over the past four years, 2017 was a record year for the LIMAK Austrian Business School.  The Business School is currently planning to relocate to the JKU.

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The Austrian Business School has successfully continued to grow and for the seventh year in a row, enrollment in continuing education programs (MBA and post-graduate programs) and for in-house LIMAK projects (IN.SPIRE) has increased exponentially.

The record number of 200,000 participants is particularly noteworthy (in programs and as part of IN.SPIRE), doubling in comparison to last year. Compared to 2011, each year the number has increased fivefold.

LIMAK President Dr. Franz Gasselsberger, MBA remarked, “In recent years the LIMAK has developed well and has shown how important market proximity is for continued success. The decision to open a location in Vienna is the next logical step in the LIMAK’s development.”

The close and active relationship between business and academia is an essential building block contributing to the LIMAK’s success and has become a unique selling point. In order to actively drive the close relationship between business and academia, the LIMAK will relocate to the JKU campus in the fall of 2020. The goal is to create an even stronger networking basis between the LIMAK Austrian Business School and the title-giving university, the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

The LIMAK’s future home on campus will be at the JKU Science Park, across from the administrative Schloss building. In addition to office space for the LIMAK, there are plans to create modern seminar rooms within 900 m2 of space. The LIMAK will use the new rooms for the start of the MBA program in Spring 2021.

JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas underscored a variety of potential synergies and reiterated, “Once the LIMAK is on the JKU campus, we can structurally pin close and strong cooperation efforts. Close proximity ensures short distances, more direct contact, and more direct exchange, ultimately benefitting the entire university.” The LIMAK is an essential part of the JKU’s attractiveness along the lines of “what belongs together, grows together”.