LIT at the Ars Electronica Festival: Demystify AI

It’s true that AI is all around us but yet, it is actually invisible. What is it doing to us? How is AI depicted? And: What do we actually think about AI?

LIT Project Demystify AI
LIT Project Demystify AI

Artificial Intelligence is actually invisible. How do we make it visible? How do we encounter it? What can AI do and what can it not do? And: How do we respond to and interact with artificial intelligence? Robo-psychologist Martina Mara and her team have created three projects to show us just how people encounter and engage with AI.

The Mush[:Room:]

There’s a room full of mushrooms and you’re hungry. But don't worry because the AI will let you know which of the mushrooms are poisonous and which are okay to eat. This red one looks tasty. Hm, do you trust the AI to give you the right information?

Faces of AI

Terminator or savior? AI stirs up fears and hopes equally. Visitors are confronted with over 20,000 AI media images. What do you perceive based on the image?

Serum 13

It's a matter of life and death: You are in a biotech lab and you have to read X-ray images and assign proteins. No problem because the AI will help! Perhaps we should mention the AI is not yet a fully developed prototype. Would you trust the algorithms?

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