LIT Inaugural Lectures: Thinking Outside of the Box

Inaugural lectures by Prof. Mara and Prof. Zoitl focused on robots and flexible machines.

v.l.: Mara, Zoitl; Credit: Schwarzl
v.l.: Mara, Zoitl; Credit: Schwarzl

Technology of tomorrow is the focus of research at the Linz Institute of Technology (LIT). Univ. Prof. Martina Mara’s presentation titled "Towards a Human-Centered Age of AI and Robotics" (LIT Robopsychology Lab) focused on the impact robots have on humans. She spoke about media responsibility and how important is to “not foster fear” but rather report objectively and explain the possibilities and limits of Deep Learning, neural networks and other factors.

Univ. Prof. Alois Zoitl (LIT Cyber-Physical Systems Lab) held a presentation titled "Distributed Control Architectures for Adaptive Production Systems" which focused on machines. They have the same problems as people do: they have to become more flexible. He provided insight into the machines of tomorrow which can be re-built quickly, communicate wirelessly, and have to adapt quickly to different needs.

NEWS 09.11.2018