Services at the JKU MED Campus

Run errands – big and small – at the new SPAR grocery store located right at the MED Campus, as well as at the main JKU campus..

SPAR at the JKU MED Campus; Photo credit: SPAR
SPAR at the JKU MED Campus; Photo credit: SPAR

We spoke with Anna-Sophie Jetschgo (on-site communications) about why SPAR has opened a branch at the MED Campus.

Why did you decide to open a store at the JKU’s new Med Campus?
Anna-Sophie Jetschgo: SPAR stands for modern, location-oriented, and innovative local convenience. This special store right at the MED Campus at the Johannes Kepler University Linz gives us an opportunity to prove just how. Aside from state-of-the-art store technology, the new SPAR supermarket is energy-efficient. We use energy-saving LED lighting and we have a cooling/heating system that uses the excess heat from our refrigeration units to heat and cool, ensuring that store operations can conserve resources. We stock SPAR-quality products and combined with technical innovation to support sustainable operations, we continue to set new standards – it’s an ideology in line with this location and the university’s aspirations here in Linz.

What kind of services can customers at the MED Campus expect?
Anna-Sophie Jetschgo: Our ultramodern, 630 m2 grocery store not only provides students and employees with meals and services to help get through the day, our wide range of products makes us a reliable, local store serving the entire hospital area and beyond. We offer a wide range of products and focus strongly on convenience foods.

What do you hope for most when it comes to the future of SPAR at the MED Campus?
Anna-Sophie Jetschgo: I hope that students, along with employees and nearby residents, consider this SPAR store as their local grocery store and frequent it as such.