Something for Everyone at the JKU MED Campus

The new JKU MED Campus not only serves med students and medical professionals, but other guests can also enjoy refreshments – for example, at the new Café Antonia!

Café Antonia at the JKU MED Campus
Café Antonia at the JKU MED Campus

Managing director Rebecca Gallistl talks about why the café is located at the new JKU MED Campus and why it’s worthwhile to stop by.

Why did you decide to open a branch at the new JKU MED Campus?
Rebecca Gallistl: Right from the start, we believed this to be an exciting project as it is a completely new campus, there are many young people, the architecture is great, and there is still a park area just outside - it couldn't be more beautiful. Initial talks with the JKU went well and we had enough prep time so we knew that this was the right place for us!

What can customers expect at the MED Campus?
Rebecca Gallistl: Our guests can expect a great variety on the menu and we believe in high quality and freshness. Quality is very important to us, be it Julius Meinl coffee, homemade cakes from the Edlmühle Inn in Zwettl an der Rodl, juice from the Schurm fruit farm in Lichtenberg, or our menu items. In addition to pizza, salads and rice bowls, we have weekly, seasonal specials.

What do you hope for most when it comes to the future of Cafe Antonia at the MED Campus?
Rebecca Gallistl: I would love for the café to become a place where people can meet up, spend some time together, and enjoy themselves. We have a very inviting atmosphere that lets guests simply sit back and take a break.

NEWS 19.10.2021