"Clear the Ring" for Social Commitment

Performances at the Circus of Knowledge raised € 3,700 to support displaced Ukrainian students.

F.l.: Falkner-Matzinger, Berg
F.l.: Falkner-Matzinger, Berg

The Circus of Knowledge opened its doors in April with benefit performances to support displaced Ukrainian students. The focus on "War and Peace" featured renowned artists taking to the stage and making the audience stop and think. Swiss actress Anne Bennent read powerful diary entries written by Ukrainians in the war zone. The legendary Linz hip-hop band TEXTA captivated the audience with its social criticism wrapped in good beats and a strong sense of humor. Austrian actor and director Klaus Maria Brandauer recited selected texts about war, peace and democracy.

Airan Berg, director at the Circus of Knowledge, remarked: "By definition, art is political and - in addition to our primary mission to bring art and science together at the Circus of Knowledge - we will also always speak out on current issues. I would like to thank the fantastic artists who have agreed to perform in support of the important MORE initiative and, by waiving their fees, they have made this successful fundraiser possible."

We would like to thank all of the engaged and supportive audience members whose voluntary contributions helped to raise approximately € 3,700 to benefit the MORE initiative in support of refugee students and displaced students. MORE supports this group of people financially as well as through providing academic advising services, information events, and organizing language courses.

Sonja Falkner-Matzinger, program manager of the MORE initiative, added: "I appreciate the strong collaboration with the Circus of Knowledge and on behalf of the students in the MORE program, I would like to thank everyone for their donations! I would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the amazing performers for their very charitable services."