Michael Strugl is the New Head of the Kepler Society, the JKU’s Alumni Association

As of today, Michael Strugl will serve as head of the Kepler Society, replacing Gerhard Stürmer who held the position for the past 17 years.

Michael Strugl, Credit: Verbund, Jungwirth
Michael Strugl, Credit: Verbund, Jungwirth

On January 10, 2022, the General Assembly approved Michael Strugl as head of the Kepler Society, effective immediately. Michael Strugl replaces Gerhard Stürmer; Stürmer held the position for the past 17 years.

In lieu of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Kepler Society’s general assembly was held online. Michael Strugl, already serving as interim head since 2020, was unanimously elected head of the JKU’s alumni association and will assume office immediately.

Michael Strugl remarked: "As a JKU graduate myself, I am honored to be selected as the head of the Kepler Society, the JKU’s alumni association. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their trust. I have always regarded the Johannes Kepler University Linz, my alma mater, as a special place and it is a place close to my heart. Even after I graduated, I remained in close contact with the university for a long time, even in a professional context. It makes me even more proud to currently serve as head of the Kepler Society and have an opportunity to shape the future of the association. Under my predecessor Dr. Gerhard Stürmer, the Kepler Society has grown and progressed impressively over the past 17 years. I look forward to continuing the success story; my team and I are dedicated and committed to the association’s success."

The Kepler Society celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020 under the now former head of the association and current honorary president, Gerhard Stürmer. The Kepler Society aims to strengthen the JKU spirit and help graduates feel connected to their alma mater, even long after they have graduated. Gerhard Stürmer congratulated his successor and reflected: "After 17 years at the Kepler Society, I will hand over the reins over to Michael Strugl. I will remember these past years with gratitude and satisfaction as I had a unique opportunity to be a part of the JKU’s exciting development during a dynamic period in time. The Society’s success is reflected in the numbers as we almost quadrupled our membership to 4,311 members and grown our office staff. We developed a comprehensive program of events and professional educational opportunities to help strengthen the JKU’s alumni network. The Kepler Society's Career Center organizes the annual Career Day event at the JKU, an indispensable event in support of Upper Austria’s job market. I would like to thank the Society’s board members and staff as well as our sponsors and the JKU Rectorate. The Rectorate’s steadfast support helped make everything possible. I wish my successor and the Kepler Society continued prosperity and success."

JKU Rector Lukas emphasized just how important the Kepler Society is as a bridge between the JKU and all of those who study or have graduated from here. At the same time, he appreciates all of Dr. Stürmer’s hard work and would like to congratulate Michael Strugl on his new position:

"The JKU is much more than just an educational institution. Our university aims to provide an all-round education featuring a scientific approach and networked problem-solving skills. Graduation is not the end of it all. On the contrary. Our graduates now embark on the most exciting part as they seek to find their place in society and in business. We want to continue to support our graduates during this process by not only offering professional development opportunities and opportunities to network with like-minded individuals, but also by helping JKU alumni remain in touch with fellow graduates, and meet new students. The Kepler Society will be responsible for all of this and I know the association rests in Dr. Strugl’s capable hands. He has always been a source of unwavering support at the JKU in a variety of areas and I would like to congratulate him on the new position. On behalf of the Kepler Society and the JKU, I would also like to thank Dr. Stürmer for his outstanding leadership of over 17 years. His departure from the Society is the end of an era. He has shaped the Kepler Society, and also the JKU, to what is today in an unparalleled way."

An on-site ceremony will be scheduled once restrictions in lieu of the pandemic are eased.