Minister Attends JKU Lecture Series

Austrian Federal Minister for Women, Ines Stilling, was a guest at the first annual Maria Schwarz-Schlöglmann Lecture Series.

von links: Dr. Albin Dearing, Mag.a Eva Schuh, Mag.a Eva Schobesberger, Mag.a Ines Stilling, Silvia Ulrich
F.l.: Dr. Albin Dearing, Mag. Eva Schuh, Mag. Eva Schobesberger, Mag. Ines Stilling, Prof. Silvia Ulrich

During 2018 alone, 18 women were murdered and around 18,000 women sought advice at violence prevention centers in Austria. These numbers show just why preventing violence, violence prevention centers, and addressing violence against women are more important than ever before. During her opening remarks at the well-attended symposium, Prof. Silvia Ulrich emphasized: "Maria Schwarz-Schlöglmann's goal had always been to bring law and real-world practices together. As part of the new Maria Schwarz-Schlöglmann Lecture Series, we will do everything we can in our power to make a contribution."  Austrian Federal Minister for Women Mag. Ines Stilling, the Linz City Counselor for Women, Mag. Eva Schobesberger, and Mag. Eva Schuh, managing director of the Upper Austrian Violence Protection Center, opened the event.

Keynote speaker Dr. Ablin Dearing (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights) held a presentation about where Austria stands in regards to a European comparison of gender-based partner violence.