Modern Education: Learning-by-Doing

What is modern education and teaching? We asked Kepler Award winner Dr. Christine Blanka.

Christine Blanka

What are the characteristics of modern teaching methods?
Christine Blanka: Above all, modern education is characterized by preparing materials in a targeted, group-oriented way as well as providing numerous opportunities to apply a “learning-by-doing” approach. Knowledge transfer is enhanced by acquiring experience so students can develop professional skills.

What makes the way you teach special?
Christine Blanka: In the field of entrepreneurship in particular, it is important to me to not just to teach “the what” in the form of content. The “how” and the “who” also play an important role. It’s important to become better acquainted with corresponding tools and apply them to real-world tasks as well as strongly involve start-up companies.  The start-up network is crucial to making start-up companies attractive to students.

In one sentence, what is the Founders.Week summer program about?
Christine Blanka: It's five days filled with intensive workshops, becoming familiar with what a start-up company is, entrepreneurial spirit, and creative ideas under the motto "Experiment - Fail - Learn - Be Inspired" - THE Founders.Week!

What does winning this award mean to you?
Christine Blanka: Winning the Kepler Award is a good opportunity to spotlight innovative educational concepts and appreciate the corresponding organizational work. Personally, winning the award also means a heartfelt thank you to the entire Founders.Week team. Without their help and without financial support provided by the state of Upper Austria, we would not be able to offer students an inspiring overall package. Recognition is always good - and when you get it in addition to positive student feedback, it motivates you even more!