Modern Education: Communication on a Level Playing Field

What is modern education and teaching? We asked Kepler Award winner Dr. Erwin Rebhandl.

Erwin Rebhandl
Erwin Rebhandl

The JKU has set itself a goal to establish new standards in education by becoming better and more highly visible. To support the university’s efforts, the JKU created and recently presented the Kepler Awards in recognition of innovative teaching. Dr. Erwin Rebhandl teaches the course “Ärztliche Fähigkeiten und Fertigkeiten” and is among the 2021 award recipients.

What are the characteristics of modern teaching methods?
Erwin Rebhandl: A partnership-based working relationship with students, an interdisciplinary approach, and combining in-person, classroom teaching with remote learning.

What makes the way you teach special?
Erwin Rebhandl: Translating theory into real-world applications in the extramural field.

In one sentence, what is the course “Medical Skills and Abilities” about?
Erwin Rebhandl: It is about acquiring hands-on skills in interdisciplinary therapy and planning care concepts by using concrete examples.

What does winning this award mean to you?
Erwin Rebhandl: It is a high appreciation for our joint work in general medicine and our students’ broad education in real-world, hands-on practices.