My Online Learning Experience

Technically it works but David Muster is still looking forward to returning to normal campus life.

AI-Student David Muster
AI-Student David Muster

What is most challenging about online learning?

David Muster: The biggest challenge is creating a work routine. Before the campus closed, everything ran like clockwork. Get up, jump on my bike and ride over to the university, go to class, do some sports, then study and do assignments. Now I can either watch the lecture live online via Moodle or "later". However, more often than not, “later” becomes "never"... And of course there are still some things that have not yet been determined, such as what is going to happen in regards to a few classes and exams.

How and how often do you communicate with classmates?

We communicate mostly using WhatsApp or Discord. My study group communicates daily and once a week, we compare assignment results via video chat.

How would you rate the range of online classes offered at JKU? What would you improve?

My major is Artificial Intelligence and online learning works quite well. Even though the program was advertise with online learning elements from the start, I was still surprised at how quickly most of the professors have managed to set things up and teach from home. Things that could be improved include a more unified way to submit assignments via Moodle and a Q&A page.

What are the biggest differences compared to in-person courses?

The work morale is lower at home and there are just a lot of distractions. Some classes are a little shorter now because the instructors can only take very few, if any, questions.

What do you miss most at the JKU campus?

Definitely studying together with fellow classmates and the sometimes much longer lunch break in the university cafeteria where we actually intended to study a bit, and USI sport classes after class.

Do you look forward to normal campus operations?

Very much so. Although online learning is working relatively well, it is still nicer to be on campus and spend hours with like-minded people also struggling with the math assignments.

NEWS 26.03.2020