New Anthology about Digital Transformation

An easily accessible anthology about the digital transformation of business models has been published.

Professor Thomas Werani
Professor Thomas Werani

Prof. Thomas Werani (Institute of Retailing, Sales and Marketing) has published a second edition of the book just four years after its original publication. As in the first edition, the second edition aims to enable both academics, policy-makers, and organizers in corporate practice to use basic information, tools and implement best practices to digitally transform business models for their own purposes. The new edition compiles new scientific and practical findings as well as updates existing findings in order to make a significant contribution to further developing the topic of digital transformation.

Why is a new edition necessary so soon after publishing the first edition?
Thomas Werani: The first edition was at the top of the bestseller lists for a while and sold out fairly quickly. In addition, the editors wanted to take rapidly advancing developments in digitization into account.

How well do you think Austrian companies are positioned in the area of digitization?
Thomas Werani: The focus remains on digitization in technical areas, such as production and logistics. When it comes to areas in business administration, meaning digital transformation of business models as well, there is still a clear need to catch up.

In your opinion, what is the best advice for practitioners on the subject of digitization?
Thomas Werani: When it comes to digitizing business models, stay clear of any ‘quick fixes’ and approach the topic in a systematic way – it will pay off in the medium to long-term.