New Issue of Kepler “Mini Tribune”

What do science and the circus have in common? That's what savvy students can find out!

The new issue of the Mini Tribune is here!
The new issue of the Mini Tribune is here!

The new ‘Mini Kepler Tribune’ is here! This special issue of the Johannes Kepler University’s Tribune gives children ages eight and up an opportunity to learn more about the world of science. Published in a special format, the new issue features a puzzle, information to conduct experiments, and a competition in which kids can win a daytrip to the JKU for the whole school class! The Mini Tribune was created for young readers in the third and fourth school classes and designed to spark their interest in science.

By the way: the JKU offers a comprehensive program for students of all ages and their teachers. The JKU OpenLab and the JKU Cool Lab invite you to conduct exciting, hands-on experiments. Starting next year, there will be an exciting entertainment science program at the "Circus of Knowledge", opening soon in the JKU Schloss courtyard.

Would you like to learn more? Request one or more copies by simply sending an e-mail to: elke.strobl(at)