New Linz Center for Educational Research and Evaluation

Just how efficient is the new teacher education program? How fair is our educational system? Experts at the new center will address these questions and more.

[Translate to Englisch:] v.l.: Herbert Altrichter, Andreas Janko, Berta Leeb, Herbert Gimpl,  Johannes Reitinger, Christoph Weber; Credit: PH OÖ

The new center will be managed jointly by the Linz School of Education at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, the University College of Education Upper Austria (FH OÖ), and the Private University of Education – Diocese Linz (PDHL). JKU Vice-Rector Andreas Janko remarked, "The new teacher education program clustered between the universities and colleges of education - and based on various traditions and priorities - pools all involved partner institutions’ expertise. As a result, the program to educate prospective teachers takes on a higher level of quality. The collaboration effort not only extends to teaching but also to research, which is very important to us here at the JKU. After creating the new center for STEM didactics, our renowned researchers look forward to being involved in the field of educational sciences at the new Center for Educational Research and Evaluation. The resulting scientific findings will be incorporated directly into the new educational curriculum.”