One Day, Two Parties

What a Wednesday: The first graduating class at the medical school finished their last medical examination and new programs to support scientific research were launched.

The JKU Faculty of Medicine may still be young but the first graduating class of students at the medical school has passed its last examination. They will now embark on a clinical internship to complete their education as medical doctors. Another reason to celebrate was launching two research funding programs, the Clinician Scientist Program (CSP) and Advanced Clinician Scientist Program (ACSP).

Selected applicants in the first year of the medical degree program are given designated periods that allow them to conduct scientific research in addition to completing medical studies. Modules designed to acquire scientific and academic research skills and guarantee protected research periods will be embedded in curriculum, along with mandatory mentoring.

Andrea Olschewski, JKU Vice-Rector for Medicine, attended a celebration barbeque event and spoke about the memorable day: "Thank you for your courage to take this new path and all the best for your research."