Digital Health in Upper Austria: The JKU Involved in Two Projects

The health sector aims to benefit from AI and new digital technologies.

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Upper Austria's economic and research strategy #upperVISION2030 contains four priorities, one of which includes: "Systems and Technologies for People". The JKU is involved in two of the seven selected projects.

Detecting and predicting epileptic seizures by using sensor networks and intelligent algorithms: Testing body-worn sensor networks that are able to detect and predict epileptic seizures and see if these sensors are clinically feasible. This mobile diagnostic system is based on applying state-of-the-art learning methods with artificial intelligence. Patients benefit from improved safety and the quality of treatment as well as improved quality of life. The participating institutes are the Institute of Business Informatics - Software Engineering, and the Institute for Machine Learning

ARES - Aneurysm Risk Estimation Support
Aneurysm Risk Estimation Support (ARES) is a software tool that combines clinical, morphologic, and hemodynamic metrics to provide an objective overview when it comes to treating cerebral aneurysms, particularly the rupture risk assessment. The software is being developed primarily for neurosurgeons at the Kepler University Hospital. Participating institute: The Institute of Polymer Product Engineering