Physicians Wanted: Register Now to Apply for the Medical Degree Program

Registration for the 2019/2020 medical degree program begins March 1.

medizinische sudenen versammelt um ein model des menschlichen koerpers

Spots in the medical degree program at the JKU’s Faculty of Medicine are in high demand. In 2018, 1,269 prospective applicants took the admissions test. Prospective students interested in starting the program in the 2019/2020 academic year can register to apply for a spot in the program beginning March 1.

The JKU will once again accept 180 students to the program. Those interested in becoming a physician have until March 29 to register for the Bachelor’s degree program in Human Medicine. The Bachelor’s/Master’s program in medicine is unique in Austria. The medical admissions test will take place on July 5.

Strong Focus on Holistic and Interdisciplinary Medicine
Two key strengths in the medical degree program at the JKU include hands-on clinical practice and acquiring medical skills early on in the program.

In terms of content, the program in Linz not only builds on conventional subject areas in medicine, but also focuses strongly on organ systems and thematic complexities. The innovative curriculum was developed in close cooperation with experts from renowned German medical schools such as the Berlin Charité and Ruhr University Bochum and includes teaching medicine by looking at the whole. Patients and their illnesses are not viewed in terms of dysfunctional organs or pathology but always as a result of biopsychosocial influences.