Pond Race: To Scotland and Back for a Good Cause

The 2018 Pond Race attracted over 500 enthusiastic runners, raising € 3,321 Euro for the children’s charity, Kinderhilfswerk.

Tobias Mauernböck and Thomas Mairwieser demonstrated their commitment to the cause by running an unbelievable 96 laps.  With each lap length approximately 480 meters, this means they ran more than a marathon distance. In the women’s category, Wiltraud Lengauer (77 laps) and Melanie Lubeck (52 laps) emerged as the most ambitious female pond racers. First place in the youth category went to Magdalena Lengauer (66 laps) and to six-year-old Justus Waltemburger who ran an impressive 31 laps in support of the Kinderhilfswerk.

In all, participants racked up over 3,000 kms – about the distance from Linz to Edinburgh and back.

JKU Vice-Rector Univ. Prof. Dr. Janko commented on the motivation at the Johannes Kepler Uni: “The nice thing is that people who mostly think for a living came out to enjoy the fresh air and run, combining exercise with supporting a good cause.

The event was made possible thanks to the sponsors, including Sparkasse Bank of Upper Austria AG, Greiner Packaging, Linz Center of Mechatronics and the Linz AG.