Post-Doctorate Diplomas Presented

JKU Vice-Rector Andrea Olschewski presented four researchers with their post-doctorate diplomas.

f.l.: Bieber, Olschewski
f.l.: Bieber, Olschewski

Dr. Sebastian Martin, LL.M., Assist. Prof. MMag. Dr. Thomas Bieber (Institute of Corporate Finance Law, Tax Law and Fiscal Policy), Dr. Jochen Güntner (Institute of Economics) and Dr. Roman Langer (Department of Educational Research) were presented with venia docendi diplomas to teach in their respective academic fields.

About the Professors

Sebastian Martin earned his doctorate degree in 2010 at the University of Hamburg where he also worked as a research assistant in the Master’s degree program in Entrepreneurship. After working at a consulting firm from 2010 to 2012, he began teaching at the University of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria where he now holds a professorship for Marketing at the Department of Health, Social and Public Management.

Jochen Güntner studied economics in Magdeburg, earning his doctorate degree in 2012. He was a guest researcher at the University of California at Berkeley as well as at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. He also completed a 6-month traineeship at the European Central Bank. He is currently an assistant professor at the JKU’s Institute for Economics.

Thomas Bieber earned his doctorate degree at the JKU in 2011 with his dissertation titled "Verbrauchsteuern in Österreich". He has been an assistant professor at the Institute of Corporate Finance Law, Tax Law, and Fiscal Policy at the JKU Linz since November 2015. His research focuses on customs, VAT, and excise tax law. He has supported the EU Commission in this area and supervised an FFG project in the field.

Roman Langer has been an assistant professor at the Department of Educational Research since 2013. In 2004, he earned his doctorate degree at the Institute for Sociology at the University of Hamburg and is mainly active in the areas of critical educational research as well as correlating effects in determining data analysis and theorizing.