Presentation by Guest Professor from Iceland

Guest professor Ebba Þóra Hvannberg from Iceland will hold a presentation titled “Creating a Framework for Monitoring Drivers of Evolution Training Simulators”.

Prof. Hvannberg (University of Iceland, Reykajavik) will hold a presentation starting at 3:00 PM on June 19 at the Science Park 3, Room S3 1. The presentation is open to the public.



Software systems evolve with societal, business and technological changes. Because of these changes, socio-technical systems need to adapt to new situations that were unknown at the time of design. Good knowledge of software system evolution can help with that adaption.  Although the evolution of software systems has been broadly debated, little research has been conducted on the specific genre of software systems and even less empirical research on the evolution of interactive software has been performed. We propose a three-factorial framework which consists of what changes during the evolution of training simulators, what are the drivers for those changes and how the changes effect innovation and robustness of the training simulators. By reviewing the literature on training simulators, we argue for this framework. We will explore how to carry out empirical studies on evolution of training simulators using the framework.