Quality in Education, Science, and Art

What does quality in education, science and art mean and how can it even be assessed or measured? These questions and more will be discussed in Traunkirchen in March.

20 junior reseachers and young scholars, students and artists will take part in an Akademie Traunkirchen workshop initiated and organized by JKU Mechatronic professors Jakoby and Irschik from March 12-14, 2018, to discuss the topic.  Participating "Senior Fellows" include Prof. Christiane Spiel (Educational Psychology, University of Vienna), Prof. Kannonier (Rector of the Linz University of Art & Design), Prof. Peter Klement (Mathematics, JKU), and Nikolaus Göth (Quality Management at the Austrian Academic of Sciences). They will hold presentations designed to inspire and encourage discussions.

The International Akademie Traunkirchen aims to provide support to gifted young academics, scholars, and scientists and strengthen their enthusiasm for science and research. In addition, the Akademie provides opportunities for young people to meet and network with members from the local business community, academia, and the art sector. The Akademie’s founder and director is quantum physicist Prof. Anton Zeilinger of Upper Austria.