Quantum Winter School: Nobel Prize Winners at Burg Mauterndorf

This year’s renowned “Winter School Mauterndorf” organized by the JKU will feature two distinguished Nobel prize winners.

[Translate to Englisch:] v.l.: von Klitzing, Haldane

Nearly 300 physicists will come together between February 25 and March 2 to discuss “Quantum Technology”. The meeting has taken place every two years since 1980, bringing experts in solid-state physics together in Mauterndorf for a one-week winter school to discuss new developments and discoveries.  Organized by the Institute of Semiconductor and Solid-State Physics (department head: Univ. Prof. Armando Rastelli) at the Johannes Kepler University Linz (also now together with Montanuniversität Leoben), top international researchers and students come together to exchange information and network. There will be 30 guest speakers at this year’s event, including two Nobel prize winners: Univ. Prof. F.D.M. Haldane (Princeton University, Nobel Prize 2016 for research in the theory of various topological phases of matter) and Univ. Prof. Klaus von Klitzing (Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Nobelpreis 1985 for discovering the Hall Effect) will kick this year’s Winter School off. Attendees include scientists from Israel, Denmark and other countries, including the JKU.

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