Record Number of Medical School Applications Affirms the Linz Concept

Whereas the numbers throughout Austria are stagnating, applications to study medicine in Linz have risen by approximately 81.8%.

[Translate to Englisch:] Medizinvorlesung in Linz

JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas considers the rise in the number of applications submitted to study medicine in Linz as impressive testimony to the program’s attractiveness. The Rector is pleased with the numbers and remarked, “The hands-on part of the curriculum is in high demand and the strong interest proves we are right. Establishing a medical school in Upper Austria has most assuredly paid off.”

According to the Rector, there are several factors that are crucial for success: “A dedicated and highly qualified team to conduct research and teach, outstanding cooperation with the Kepler University Clinic as well as numerous other reliable partners in academia, science, health and in the government.” The Rector emphasized that the program in Linz is unique in Austria. “The low student-teacher ratio is a unique aspect along with the direct, hands-on experience.” Over 200 medical professionals are involved in the program, including 40 general practitioners.

Close Contact to General Medicine
Starting in the first semester of the program, students are actively involved in the field of general medicine and taught by medical professionals who include medical discussions and examination techniques in their courses. Rector Lukas added, “We want to spark our students’ interests in the socially important occupation of a general practitioner right from the start.”

Record Number of Applications Submitted by Upper Austrians
Never before have so many young people who hold Matura diplomas from schools in Upper Austria applied to get in to the medical degree program in Linz: 562 – that makes up approximately 33.2% of all applications.

Governor Mag. Thomas Stelzer summarized, “60 students began their medical degree studies in Graz back in October 2014 before continuing in Linz. During the 2015/2016 academic year there were 597 applications and now we have just about 1,700 applications. We knew from the start that the Faculty of Medicine would be a significant project for Upper Austria and would support the region as a location of business, science, and research. It is very gratifying to see such an enormous response and a positive testimony to the quality of work, research, and teaching in this area.”

State Health Minister Mag. Christine Haberlander added, “The increase in applications to the medical degree program in Linz confirms the high quality of programs offered at the JKU. The increasing number of prospective physicians deciding to study in Upper Austria means an increase in the number of potential doctors who will ultimately decide to stay and work here after graduation. The hands-on program, also in regards to general medicine, speaks for Linz as a location of academics. And the fact that one-third of the applications have been submitted by local residents speaks for the JKU and for Upper Austria.”

More Students will be Accepted in Linz for the First Time
This year, the Faculty of Medicine will increase the number of spots in the program from 120 to 180. 60 of those students will complete the entire program in Linz and will no longer have to complete part of the program in Graz. The program is expected to be at full capacity by the 2022/2023 academic year and will accept 300 students annually.