Rector's Statement on the Subject of Animal Testing at the Faculty of Medicine

Animal testing is a controversial subject for good reasons. Here is a statement issued by the Rector of the JKU.

We are currently involved in intense internal discussions with ethicists, experts and others to find alternative methods. It has become clear that when it comes to animal testing, the question cannot be given a simple yes or no answer. Rather, it is a question of ethics in the man-animal relationship. This is why for a while now, we have switched to free-range and organic meat from certified humane producers at the university cafeteria. And for this, animals must die. That, too, can be questioned.

Animal testing for medical research is only becomes a consideration when there are no alternatives. In addition, research must yield life-altering benefits for people and for society. A Coronavirus vaccine, for example, would be one such benefit. It is also crucial as to just who is considering the procedure and what standards apply. This is where our Faculty of Medicine aims to strongly commit itself more than is required under the Animal Testing Act. Here, the way we do it in Linz is intended to set standard.

In this context, we will soon kick off a public discussion process in which those interested can follow as well as take part in via a livestream. All of us are being called upon to continuously and constantly rethink the use of animals as food and in research.