Recycling Program: Turning Plastic Waste into Sports Equipment

The JKU began a campaign last spring to collect used, plastic bottle caps and turn them into frisbees. A new video shows just how this works.

Plastic bottle caps for the "Flasche leer? Fribsee her!" program.
Plastic bottle caps for the "Flasche leer? Fribsee her!" program.

A number of bottle caps are needed in order to create a frisbee. While frisbees are fun, the JKU’s “Flasche leer, Frisbee her” program promotes a serious message.

Different types of plastic need to be cleanly separated in order to better recycle plastic. If everyone pitched in, the 0.92 million tons of plastic waste generated in Austria each year could be recycled; a sustainable approach that would be more environmentally-friendly.

The JKU has launched a campaign to draw attention to the issue. The video below demonstrates just how plastic bottle caps are being turned into usable sports equipment. Watch the video and then, of course, keep collecting plastic bottle caps!

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