Research You Can See: Winning Photo Selected

Science is not only exciting, but also delivers spectacular images as well. The JKU’s research science photo contest was well received and the photo submissions captured the unexpected beauty of hidden worlds we see every day but not as they really are.

The winning photo by Danie Egbe

A jury of experts selected the winner!  We would like to congratulate Daniel Ayuk Mbi Egbe (Institute of Polymeric Materials and Testing) for submitting the winning photo of a round bottom flask covered in photoactive material and irradiated with UV light. What seems to be a planet in a galaxy far, far away is actually a vital part of conducting solar research in the area of organic light-emitting diodes.

Katharina Birner (Institute of Applied Geometry) came in close second. Her Standford Bunny in Wonderland is of one of the most widely used 3D computer graphic test models. Third place went to Thomas Stockinger (Institute of Experimental Physics, Dept. of Soft Matter Physics), showing a paper sensor measuring humidity.