Second Round of the Linz Clinician Scientist Program Begins

Eight additional physicians will join the JKU Faculty of Medicine’s junior research funding program in October 2020.

Das CSP/ACSP-Forschungsförderungsprogramm geht in die zweite Runde.
Das CSP/ACSP-Forschungsförderungsprogramm geht in die zweite Runde.

As part of the two-stage application procedure, candidates also had to present their innovative research project ideas to a panel of three reviewers and a six-member selection committee.

Beginning in October, seven Clinician Scientists will join the program. The Faculty of Medicine will finance a clinical leave of absence and enable the physicians to concentrate fully on their research projects for 10 hours per week over a 3-year period, acquire research expertise, publish, and become involved in medical education at the Faculty of Medicine. The physicians acquire core academic skills parallel to earning a degree in Medical Sciences at the JKU Faculty of Medicine.

A candidate with research experience and a doctorate degree was selected as an Advanced Clinician Scientist and with the help of a 20-hour leave of absence per week over a period of two years, the candidate can focus more on research priorities, create a research group, publish in renowned journals, and teach at the Faculty of Medicine.

The unique program allows the JKU Faculty of Medicine to take important steps towards establishing clinical research projects at KUK, support competitive medical research, and help renowned researchers and professors advance and build the faculty.

NEWS 13.05.2020