Space for Parents

A high number of students attended the event "Platz für Studieren mit Kind" for students who have childcare responsibilities.

Studierender Vater mit Kind.
Studierender Vater mit Kind.

The advising and information event was organized by the Department of Human Resource Development, Gender & Diversity Management together with the Austrian Student Union’s Office of Social Services. Students received advice and information about childcare (Kidsversity- flexible childcare at the JKU), financial aid (Klartext - financial soundness), budget planning, taking an educational leave of absence, childcare allowance (Chamber of Labour), etc. Afterwards a small buffet reception near a play area gave participants an opportunity to network and build relationships.

The event was moderated by JKU business informatics major Carlos Rosario, father to Marcello (2 years old) and Valentino (3 weeks old).

During her opening remarks, Dr. Margit Waid welcomed the students on behalf of the JKU and emphasized that work-life balance is not only an important topic to those concerned, but for the JKU as well.  Christine Gruber from the Austrian Student Union’s Office of Social Services remarked: "Many people may not know that when it comes to childcare, they are not alone and the JKU has advising services as well as flexible childcare services (Kidsversity) on campus."