Vaccination Station at the JKU for University Employees at Upper Austrian Universities

Starting today, employees at the Johannes Kepler University Linz and at other Upper Austrian universities have an opportunity to get a Covid-19 vaccination.

Vaccinations at the JKU Vaccination Station
Vaccinations at the JKU Vaccination Station

In cooperation with the Kepler University Hospital, a vaccine station has been set up in the Kepler Hall at the JKU campus. The state of Upper Austria will be providing a total of 3,200 doses of the mRNA vaccine, Moderna.

The JKU vaccination station opened at the Kepler Hall at the JKU campus today and up to (and including) June 11, all university employees at universities in Upper Austria can receive a first dose of the Covid-19 vaccination here. The appointment for the second dose will take place approx. 3-6 weeks after having received the first dose.

JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas hopes for active participation: "Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, it has been very important to me to be able to get all of our JKU employees and students through the pandemic the best way we can. After setting up our own JKU testing station back in January, we will now take the next important step to combat the pandemic and organize a workplace vaccination station."

He added: "I am particularly pleased that employees from other Upper Austrian universities can also take part in the workplace vaccination program and I hope that many employees will take advantage of the opportunity so we can return to more normal operations and an active campus life as soon as possible."

The workplace vaccination campaign has been made possible by the generous support of the state of Upper Austria; they will provide 3,200 doses of the Moderna mRNA vaccine.

Deputy Governor Christine Haberlander remarked: "The vaccination is being considered as our greatest source of hope to combat the pandemic, helping each and every individual as well as all of us so we can return to ‘pre-pandemic’ life. Science has been a strong, important partner since the start of the pandemic and that's why I am especially pleased to see the launch of workplace vaccinations at the JKU."

Organized and prepared together with members at the Kepler University Hospital, physicians from KUK will be on site to carry out the vaccinations.

Prim. Priv. Doz. Dr. Bernd Lamprecht, head of the Department of Pulmonary Medicine at Kepler University Hospital, added: "The workplace vaccination campaign is an important part of the overall vaccination program and will help us provide reliable virus protection to as large a part of the population as possible and in a very reasonable period of time. The workplace vaccination campaign is also a safety factor for Upper Austrian universities and can play a key role in being able to once again return to normal campus operations."