Stepping Stone JKU: 124 Companies Attend Career Day

The 16th annual JKU Career Day on November 28 was an opportunity to meet potential employers.

The JKU Career Day is one of the largest career fairs of this kind, featuring a total of 124 companies and organizations and attracting over 3,000 visitors. Visitor received comprehensive information and helpful tips and advice.

The number of companies competing to attract highly qualified employees is impressive: 22 companies were at the career day fair for the first time, 30 were on the waiting list. The JKU Kepler Society (the JKU’s alumni association) launched Career Day as a new job information platform for both students and alumni as well as companies looking for qualified employees.

Companies from all over Austria and even Bavaria (Germany) took part, representing the government service sector, industry, commercial business, banking, insurance, and public services.

Personal Contact is Crucial
Gerhard Stürmer, President of the Kepler Society, spoke about the opportunities Career Day offers: “In these times of social medial and the online application process, personal contact is more important than ever before and remains one of the most important recruitment criteria.“ Visitors enjoyed an interesting program of events ranging from workshops to having CV photos taken. Johannes Pracher, managing director of Kepler Society, added, “Our Career Center is also open year round and look forward to answering questions about starting a career or transition from one career to another.”

JKU Career Day – Facts & Figures

  • Location: Keplergebäude Building
  • 9.30 AM to 4.00 PM
  • Largest career fair outside of Vienna