Successful Symposium in Honor of Prof. Velten's Birthday

How do you best honor a criminal law expert on her 60th birthday? True to style, of course, with a symposium focusing on criminal law.

Criminal Law is the result of the social struggle to define the term "justice". Petra Velten has devoted many years to developing criminal law in the conflict fields between law, justice and victim-perpetrator protection. A symposium titled "Wesen und Funktion des Vorsatzes im Unrechtstatbestand" featured Austrian and German experts and honored Prof. Velten’s impact in the field.

Univ. Prof. Richard Soyer was pleased about the well-attended event and remarked, "The fact that German and Austrian experts came together to mark this occasion shows once again that theory and practice go hand-in-hand. Holding discourse like this on a national and international level a win-win for everyone involved.”

About Prof. Petra Velten
Born on November 9, 1958, in Wuppertal (Germany), Petra Velten studied law at the University of Bonn. She earned her post-doctorate degree in the summer of 2000 in the subject areas of criminal law, criminal procedural law and legal theory.  Prof. Velten came to the JKU in 2005 where she is now the deputy head of the Institute of Criminal Law.