The "Dome of Possibilities" at the JKU

Five days of initial test runs for the Ars Electronica Festival this fall.

Manifesto by the JKU and Like-Minded Partners
Manifesto by the JKU and Like-Minded Partners

You know the problem: You're conducting research and have all of these images in your head, but in 2D, you start losing your drive and interest begins to wane. If it were possible, it would be much better to be able to think, dream and imagine in 3D imagery, or even in 360°. Starting next week, JKU researchers will have a unique opportunity to explore new frontiers and take a look at their research in an imaginative way. The University of Applied Arts in Vienna has made it possible: The 360° virtual reality Dome opens the door to new possibilities when it comes to visualization. A "small" dome (diameter of six meters) will be at the JKU for five days next week (from March 2 - 6). The latest in specially developed software means that the dome can play both images and sounds in a linear way and visual installations can be experienced interactively as well as in real-time. At the Ars Electronica Festival in the fall, a large 12-meter Dome will be one of the many highlights of the event.
Anyone wishing to use the Dome for an Ars Electronica Festival project can submit a request to: oic(at) and take a personal tour to learn more about the technical aspects.
Special tip: If you're interested, come and check the Dome out on Tuesday, March 3, between 1:00 - 3:00 pm! Kindly register in advance to view the Dome by sending an e-mail to: oic(at)