The Future We Want - Call for Open Innovation in Science

Going from life today to life in the future! Since the future concerns all of us, let's shape it together!

The Future We Want; Credit: AEFestival/
The Future We Want; Credit: AEFestival/

Autonomous vehicles, virtual work environments, and medical AI - a lot of what was once considered science fiction, has (or will soon) become a reality. Together with the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft, we want to focus on the crossroads where people and technology come together and make sure that these technologies not only result in a different world, but a better world.

The Call for Ideas is supporting THE FUTURE WE WANT and invites JKU researchers to submit project ideas that focus on areas where people (residents, patients, etc.) meet technology (artificial intelligence, robotics, data science, algorithmic decision systems, secure systems, extended reality, 5G, etc.). We aim to initiate projects that focus on both the technological possibilities and the social impact, taking what people need and want into account.

Curious? The submission deadline is January 15. Click here to learn more.