The JKU Distances Itself from the Kepler Society Ad

JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas took a clear position, “The fraternity ball brochure ad is unacceptable and diametrically contradicts the JKU and everything this university stands for.”

schild mit JKU darauf und im hintergrind science park 1

Rector Lukas remarked, "Since its inception, our university has always stood for openness and plurality. An anti-fascist mindset is ingrained in the JKU’s DNA and we expect an unequivocal attitude from representatives of organizations associated with the JKU, such as the Kepler Society. In the end, this is about the reputation and prestige of our university.”

“Even though the Kepler Society is an independently owned association, we intend to assert our influence in the general assembly and the board and reiterate that there are consequences for ads like this.” Rector Lukas has asked Kepler Society managing director Gerhard Stürmer to appoint an acting director and cancel the Kepler Society’s New Year’s reception. Rector Lukas added, “I expect the next step to be a special general assembly of the Kepler Society.”

Aside from that, Rector Lukas has asked Brigitte Hütter, JKU Vice-Rector for Human Resources, to take the necessary legal action as the Kepler Society’s director is employed by the JKU. Furthermore, Rector Lukas as requested that the JKU’s Department of Legal Affairs and attorney Dr. Wolfgang Moringer review the ad from a legal perspective.