The JKU Focuses on Sustainability

The JKU aims to establish a strong focus on Sustainability Research.

F.l.: Lang, Prammer
F.l.: Lang, Prammer

There is a great deal at stake: The development of human civilization on both a global and regional level is being significantly shaped by two major fields of civilizational challenges. On one hand, man’s impact on the environment (anthropocentric changes) and, on the other, the constant quest to create comprehensive systemic solutions in support of sustainable development.

New Specialization: JKUsustain
Against this backdrop, the Johannes Kepler University’s ‘2019-2024 Development Plan’ includes the new area of specialization in Sustainable Development: Responsible Technologies and Management (JKUsustain). Univ. Prof. Reinhold Lang (Institute for Polymeric Materials and Testing) and a. Univ. Prof. Heinz Prammer (Institute for Operational and Regional Environmental Management) explained: "JKUsustain involves pooling existing and broadly based - but also previously fragmented - research activities in a number of different sustainable development areas and further understanding and addressing them."