The LIT OIC Introduces dataformers

There’s a lot going on at the LIT Open Innovation Center. We would like to introduce you to some of the departments and companies that call LIT home.

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Johannes Schacherl of dataformers

Headquartered in Linz, dataformers has 55 employees and focuses on developing and providing highly individualized software, smart products, and digital services for renowned industrial companies as well as selected start-up companies. Johannes Schacherl is responsible for all market-related activities at dataformers and explains why the company has moved to the LIT OIC.

Why did dataformers decide to move into the LIT Open Innovation Center?

Schacherl: The proximity to the JKU as a research institution is ideal because the JKU has the latest in research and information in our field and we need that. The close proximity to the university as an educational institution was also important us because we are always looking for motivated, well-educated employees. And lastly, we work in close proximity to other companies that are also located here at the Open Innovation Center. In fact, we already work actively together with several of these companies.

What makes your company unique?

Schacherl: Actually, we are a so-called “software company”. However, we are so broadly positioned today that we can support and implement any projects in the area of digital product development. That means we have an interdisciplinary team that can start with an initial idea and we can go all the way to scaling.

In all honesty, tell us which one of your projects is currently your favorite and why?

Schacherl: We have a large number of clients and projects but - because the fit was particularly good - we just had a very successful product launch with EREMA, a world market leader for plastics recycling machines. EREMA is also here at the LIT Factory. So, by incorporating the Internet of Things and digital services, we have made plastics recycling even more efficient, thus creating new business models for EREMA. We used technology to create massive added value.