The Obelisk: It's All About the Sausage!

A new generation of the traditional Austrian Würstelstand made its debut on September 11, 2020!

von links: Betreiber Jürgen Lonsing, Rektor Meinhard Lukas, erste Gäste
von links: Betreiber Jürgen Lonsing, Rektor Meinhard Lukas, erste Gäste

What is The Obelisk? It's the new generation of a traditional Austrian Würstelstand - and it could also be considered more of a sociotope. In the end it doesn't really matter who we are and where we come from: we're all hungry. And we also strive for bigger and better things (when our stomachs are full). Where better to philosophically address existential questions than when grabbing a quick bite at an Austrian sausage stand? What is an obelisk even? Ancient Egyptians considered it a directional indicator. In this case, this obelisk points the way to research and teaching, to the JKU, and to the campus. But this is a more modest version than the ones we are historically familiar with, serving as a symbol of power and a digital advertising pillar that can communicate with consumers in real-time. It is a medium that serves as an example right at the entrance of the university campus to declare that the JKU understands real life, too, and it's not just all about the academics. It's a work space. And a living space. And what about non-meat eaters? No problem. "The Obelisk" is a culinary home for everyone, serving up frankfurter sausages as well as vegetarian fare. It's a snack bar offering more than original architecture. After all, we eat with our eyes, too. And since the early bird is known to catch the worm as well as the Blunznbosna, "The Obelisk" opens at 7:00 AM.  The menu features a variety of Austrian fare such as the Käsekrainer, Leberkäse and Bosna, as well as Hermann's meatless sausages, salads, and farm-fresh yogurt. Chef Jürgen Lonsing has also unveiled a special dish: a sandwich containing special ham and arugula lettuce. Or would rather have a Pusztalaibchen? Pick anything you want off of the menu - it's all next-level amazing!

NEWS 11.09.2020