The "Presse" Selects Prof. Hochereiter as "Austrian of the Year"

His LSTM system can be found in every mobile phone around the world and he is considered an AI mastermind: Univ. Prof. Sepp Hochreiter is actively shaping the future.

Deep learning, artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles: Prof. Hochreiter’s expertise can be found fueling future-oriented science. Not only is the scientific community sitting up to take notice, so is the media. In the category of “Research”, the daily newspaper “Presse” recently selected Prof. Hochreiter as the “Austrian of the Year”.

About Prof. Hochreiter
Born in Bavaria, Univ. Prof. Dr. Sepp Hochreiter has been the head of the Institute for Bioinformatics at the JKU since 2006. Before that, he was active at the TU Berlin, the University of Colorado at Boulder, at the TU Munich.

As early as 1991, Prof. Hochreiter developed the idea of Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) for his Diploma degree thesis, "… but it didn’t take off very well at that time because the volume of data and the computers did not yet exist. No one could guess that it would take off later." The first ground-breaking publication on LSTM was published in 1997.

Prof. Hochreiter’s research focuses on machine learning techniques, particularly deep learning, long short-term memory, representational learning, but also bi-clustering and matrix factorization, as well as statistical methods.  Research applications range from analyzing biological data (next generation sequencing, microarrays and protein/peptide arrays, protein and RNA structures / mass spectrometry) and pharmaceuticals (drug development prediction models), to clinical studies, autonomous systems, computer vision, and e-commerce.

Prof. Hochreiter recently started a collaboration project with Audi in regards to self-driving cars. He will also manage the LIT’s new Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.