U-Multirank: The JKU Scores Highly and is a National Leader

As part of the U-Multirank institutional ranking, the Johannes Kepler University Linz has come out on top .

Multirank Sunburst
Multirank Sunburst

The annual U-Multirank institutional ranking published its most recent findings and the Johannes Kepler University attained top scores in both national and international comparisons. This year, the JKU is Austria’s top-ranked university.
U-Multirank does not use a ranking list for its scores, but rather corresponding indicators are presented in a "sunburst" figure (see figure). The "ranking" is based on 29 indicators in five dimensions represented in the "sunburst". Grades are then assigned, beginning with A ("Very good") to E ("Weak").

The JKU is a National Frontrunner
A total of 19 A and B indicators are a very good ranking for the JKU in both a national and international comparison. As part of an Austria-wide comparison, the JKU ranks among the best universities, measured by the number of A’s ("Very Good") and the number of B’s ("Good"). According to the "sunburst", the JKU is this year's frontrunner. In the area of "Knowledge Transfer", the JKU attained a good score with four A indicators. With three A indicators each, the JKU did particularly well in performance areas of "Research" and "Internationality". In the area of "regional commitment", the JKU retained its good ratings from last year.

Goal: Top European University
JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas
remarked: "This ranking is a sign that we are on the right track.” He added that the U-Multirank is an important indicator and aid, especially when it comes to recognizing one's own strengths and weaknesses. He emphasized: "The Johannes Kepler University Linz’ goal remains clearly defined and steadfast: to become one of Europe’s top universities. In order to accomplish this goal, we will continue our commitment to an unwavering demand for quality in education and research – something everyone here at the JKU supports and is committed to implementing."

Information about the U-Multirank
The U-Multirank provides information on nearly 2,000 universities in 96 countries. Unlike other university rankings, U-Multirank (UMR) does not include a ranking. The indicators are presented in a "sunburst." The "ranking" is based on five dimensions represented by 29 indicators in the "sunburst." Each indicator is evaluated individually and given grades between A ("Very Good") to E ("Weak").

These five dimensions (29 indicators in total) are in the "sunburst":

  • Teaching + Learning (4 indicators)
  • Research (7 indicators)
  • Knowledge Transfer (7 indicators)
  • International Orientation (6 indicators)
  • Regional Engagement (5 indicators)