And Suddenly There are Three! Introducing the New Student App, myJKU

In addition to KUSSS and Moodle, a new mobile student app is bringing a wind of change to the Summer Semester this year.

The new student app "myJKU'"
The new student app "myJKU'"

Whether it's about information regarding classes, being notified about important deadlines, being notified as soon as grades are available, or viewing a dashboard that contains valuable and important information about your studies at a glance, the new myJKU app has it all!

The Message Center provides information about grades (and when new grades are available), class times (changes in class times, class locations, if class has been cancelled, etc.). The so-called Cockpit will display new notifications directly on the myJKU startpage. Don’t miss any important information - you can proactively receive notifications directly on your mobile or desktop by downloading the app on Android and on your computer (using any browser you wish).

On behalf of the JKU Rectorate, Christopher Lindinger, Více-Rector for Innovation and Researchers, remarked, "We have been excited about the gradual ‘go live’ feature since November. We have been pleasantly surprised with the level of student participation and the students’ diverse and constructive feedback, always willing to lend a hand during beta testing and during workshops. The new myJKU app allows us to pursue a strategically important direction as eventually the app will replace KUSSS and will make students' lives on campus easier. The improved design is modern and contemporary, allowing students better organize their studies on a day-to-day basis." In this regard, the JKU is also positioning itself at the forefront of groundbreaking solutions in a digital context.

Vanessa Fuchs, chair of the Austrian Student Union, remarked: "We here at the Austrian Student Union are delighted to support the launch of the new myJKU app! The app not only provides clear, comprehensive information about classes, class dates, and academic progress, etc., but also introduces the process of digitization in the educational system, something that is indispensable for the future. I believe that all JKU students will benefit from the new app. As student representatives, this is very important to us."

And the journey has just begun! Thanks to constructive feedback during the beta testing and initial pilot phases, there are a number of new ideas in the works! At the beginning of March, selected students took part in a workshop where they discussed a number of issues in detail, including implementing new features in regard to class schedules and timetables. A major update is expected to be released as early as this summer. Peter Brandstetter, head of the Office of Student Information and Academic Advising Services and a project supporter from the start with his many years of expertise, added, "If, in the long term, we succeed in eventually offering a study planner in the myJKU app that can proactively provide students with advice and information on how to organize their studies and take all of the mandatory and elective courses and subjects, a long-standing dream will have come true!" It remains exciting and suspenseful, to say the least!

If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, etc., contact the support team by sending an e-mail to: Also check the FAQs section at:, opens an external URL in a new window. The FAQs section will be updated continuously.