New Issue of the Kepler Tribune: Truth, Resistance and Science

Dreams of peace seem to be fading away. Many say it began fading long before the war in Ukraine. This issue of the Kepler Tribune seeks to put words to an age-old dream.

The lastest issue of the Kepler Tribune
The lastest issue of the Kepler Tribune

The latest issue is on the trail searching for clues. The law is supposed to serve justice and serve the truth. Supposed to. On February 7, 1944, the dark side of justice reared its ugly head as 19 people were executed in Vienna on this date for resisting the Nazi regime, undermining military forces during a war that many realized was already lost, and for being homosexual. Incidents deemed inconceivable today were all but too real just less than 80 years ago.

Speaking of war, even before Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Europe had been dreaming of a lasting peace that, in truth, was not really peace at all because for a long time now, war has been different. As part of his commentary, Claus Pándi’s notes that we just simply haven't found the right words yet. Hadil Najjar talks about a path leading from war-torn Syria and an eventful escape into science and how the dream of a free life for countless people has led to seemingly endless civil wars.

So much for the past and the present. Where do we go from here? At the very least, Thomas Vašek says Europe needs to pick up the pace when it comes to key technologies such as AI. But is chasing each and every new technological trend really worth it in the end?

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