How Crystals will Shape the Future

With the support of the Austrian Science Fund, Alberta Bonanni is conducting research to find new quantum materials to help make computers more reliable and secure.

Alberta Bonanni; Credit: JKU/Maybach
Alberta Bonanni; Credit: JKU/Maybach

Prof. Alberta Bonanni is not only Vice-Rector for Research at the JKU, she is also the department head of the Institute of Semiconductor and Solid-State Physics.

Cell phones, navigation devices, computers. We are surrounded by technology on a daily basis and we would like for these devices to be as small, safe, and efficient as possible. We can thank physics for these advancements and scientific work and research conducted by Alberta Bonanni's has contributed to these advancements. Ever since she was a child, the leading researcher has been fascinated by the world of light, crystals, and art. Bonanni believes that in order to better understand the laws of life, we need to first look at - and explore - the world from different perspectives. She talks more about this in her piece in the scilog, opens an external URL in a new window.

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