30 Junior Scholars Presented with the JKU Young Researcher Award

30 outstanding junior scholars were presented with the JKU Young Researchers' Award.

The Young Researchers Awards
The Young Researchers Awards

Whether it be medicine, business, law, engineering, or natural sciences, young scholars at the JKU perform exceptionally well. 30 outstanding junior scholars were recipients of the JKU Young Researchers' Award.

Accompanied with a monetary award, the awards serve to showcase engaged and exceptional academics and scientists at the start of their careers. All of the award recipients are new to science and academia, having passed their oral defense in just the past two years. The breakdown is as follows: Four scholars were presented with awards in the field of social sciences, business and economics, 8 scholars received awards in the field of medicine, 14 scholars won awards in the field of engineering and natural sciences, and four scholars received awards in the field of law.

Alberta Bonanni, JKU Vice-Rector for Research, Gender and Diversity, remarked: "Base-knowledge research in particular is not often on the public’s radar, yet it is the cornerstone of progress and increases our chances of surviving global crises, such as climate change and pandemics. Young, innovative researchers hold the key to the future and it is therefore a great pleasure to honor these junior scholars and recognize their commitment and contribution to human knowledge." VR Bonnani also thanked the sponsors and added: "We would not have been able to honor our scholars this way without contributions by SCWP, Raiffeisen, Magna Powertrain, Infineon, Sanofi-Genzyme, and Abbvie."

The Award Winners

Social Sciences, Economics & Business

Ilko Kovacic / Business Informatics
Ferdinand Revellio / Business Administration
Jonas Albrecht /  Social Sciences and Humanities
Anna Hornykewycz. /  Economics

Engineering & Natural Sciences

Ivana Zrinski / Chemistry and Polymer Engineering
Dominik Wielend / Chemistry and Polymer Engineering
Markus Gall / Chemistry and Polymer Engineering
Lukas Bergholzer /  Informatics
Frederik Kratzert /  Informatics
Markus Weninger /  Informatics
Bernadett Stadler / Mathematics
Stefan Clara /  Mechatronics
Marcus Hintermüller /  Mechatronics
Michael Gerstmair /  Mechatronics
Thomas Paireder /  Mechatronics
Matthias Eberlein /  Mechatronics
Christian Schimpf / Physics
Bianca Buchegger / Physics


Magdalena Dall / Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Dominik Laister / Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Armin Windhager / Internal Medicine - Cardiology
Stefan Rechberger / Internal Medicine - Cardiology
Hendrik Epping / Gastroenterology
Philip Rauch / Neurosurgery
Raphael Loisl / Internal Medicine
Carmen Haneder / Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine


Sergio Pollak / Interdisciplinary Law
Manuel Neusiedler / Public Law
Anna Obereder / Public Law
Thomas Mathy / Business Law