Young Researcher’s Award: Honors for 35 Junior Researchers

Be it medicine, business, economics, law, engineering, or natural sciences, junior researchers at the JKU are shaping the future.

Informatic winners / Young Researchers 2024; photo credit: JKU
Informatic winners / Young Researchers 2024; photo credit: JKU

35 particularly deserving junior researchers were recently presented with the JKU Young Researchers Award in recognition of outstanding accomplishments.

Accompanied with a cash sum, the awards have been designed to showcase dedicated and outstanding scholars currently at the start of their respective academic careers. All of the award winners recently joined academia, successfully completing their doctorate degrees two years ago or less. Nine awards were presented to junior scholars in business and social sciences, four to physicians, twenty to junior researchers in engineering and natural sciences, and two in the field of Law.

Alberta Bonanni, JKU Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs, remarked: "Despite the fact that base-knowledge, fundamental research is not always in the public eye, its findings constitute the basis on which progress is made and how we tackle global crises, such as climate change. Innovative junior researchers hold the key to addressing these challenges and I am delighted to recognize these talented individuals for their efforts and contributions to science, as well as thank them for their involvement in academia and supporting advancement in our society."

Bonanni added: “We are eternally grateful to our sponsors as without contributions by Fabasoft, Raiffeisen, Saxinger, and Voestalpine Stahl, it would not have been possible to present the award in this way."

The Award Winners


Clara Ganhör / Pathophysiology
Lisa Maria Sickinger / Developmental medicine
Stefan Aspalter / Neurosurgery
Nico Stroh / Neurosurgery


Mirjam Zeitfogel / Public Law
Daniela Ecker / Interdisciplinary Legal Sciences

Social Sciences, Economics & Business

Johannes Thaller / Business Administration
Felix Gemeinhardt / Business Administration
Anna Gappmaier / Business Administration
Sandra Maria Siedl / Education and Psychology
Carmen Walenta-Bergmann / Social Sciences and Humanities
Theresa Hager / Social Sciences and Humanities
Lukas Nievoll / Social Sciences and Humanities
Laura Porak / Social Sciences and Humanities
Rudolf Kapeller / Economics

Engineering and Natural Sciences

Gabriel Riedl / Chemistry and Polymer Sciences
Valerie Rodin / Chemistry and Polymer Sciences
Lucas Klemmer / Informatics
Bianca Wiesmayr / Informatics
Lisa Sonnleithner / Informatics
Ana Sanchez-Fernandez / Informatics
Kevin Feichtinger / Informatics
Raphael Mosaner / Informatics
Philipp Nuspl / Mathematics
Bernardo Rossi / Mathematics
Clemens Hofstadler / Mathematics
Jakob Moosbauer / Mathematics
Stefan Angerbauer / Mechatronics
Sebastian Lifka / Mechatronics
Rafael Ecker / Mechatronics
Tobias Kronlachner / Mechatronics
Herwig Grabmayr / Physics
Stepan Demchyshyn / Physics
Sourav Islam / Physics
Lukas Lehner / Physics