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Press Releases

Andreas Pfaffenberger, photo credit: Nick Mangafas/ Circus of Knowledge

World Premiere at the JKU’s Circus of Knowledge: WIR! A Solo Show. By, and featuring, Andreas Pfaffenberger and Martina Winkel

We live in a democracy - but what does that even mean? Just what is the collective "we"?

F.l.: Patricia Stark, Laura Thäter, Thomas Gegenhuber, Eleni Priglinger, Stephan Pühringer, Stefan Koch; photo credit: JKU

LIFT_C: A New JKU Hub to Support Interdisciplinary Research on Transformative Processes

Climate change, demographic shifts, artificial intelligence: Our society is undergoing rapid change.

Professor Günther Springholz; photo credit: JKU/Robl

JKU Samples Transported in a Vacuum Case: An International Project Uncovers a New Type of Magnetism

A needle points north: While magnetic forces are a long-standing phenomenon, they still manage to surprise us.


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Rektor Stefan Koch Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Koch, Credit: Robert Maybach

Rectorate Team

Photo (l-r):

Gruppenfoto Rektorat F.l. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Janko, Mag.a Dr.in Elgin Drda, Univ.-Prof.in Dr.in Alberta Bonanni,, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Koch, Mag.a Christiane Tusek, Mag. Alexander Freischlager; Credit: Robert Maybach

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