The Elise Richter Scholarship Presented to JKU Biophysicist

In 1905, Elise Richter was the first woman in Austria to earn a doctorate degree. The Austrian Science Fund created a scholarship in Dr. Richter’s name designed to support women in research – women such as Dr. Yoo Jin Oh.

Dr. Oh’s work at the JKU’s Institute for Biophysics (department head: Univ. Prof. Peter Hinterdorfer) focuses on SPM studies of cellular interactions with biofilm. The project aims to explore the unique physical, biochemical, and electrostatic properties of living bacterial cells and biofilms. Dr. Oh studies the molecular interactions of biofilms with immune system cells that play a key role in bacterial diseases.

About Yoo Jin Oh

Born in South Korea in 1981, Dr. Oh came to the JKU in 2009 after studying physics at Ewha Womans University in Seoul. She has received numerous awards and accolades for her scientific work, including three national awards, four international awards, and over €1 million in funding.