The JKU Mourns the Passing of Prof. Wolfgang Schlöglmann

Prof. Wolfgang Schlöglmann (1944-2021) passed away on January 4, 2021, at the age of 77.

Born in Freistadt (Upper Austria) on February 15, 1944, Schlöglmann worked as a chemical laboratory assistant at the Österreichische Stickstoffwerke in Linz before attending evening school and earning a Matura diploma. He subsequently completed his studies in mathematics and physics in Vienna. He came to Linz in 1970 as an assistant professor and educator in mathematics, earning his doctorate in technical sciences in 1974. He earned a post-doc/habilitation in 1984 in the subject area of "Didactics in Mathematics".

His main areas of research was reality-based mathematics education, adult education and mathematics, psychology and mathematics/psychology of learning. Schlöglmann's interests, however, extended further as he was also strongly interested in the history and philosophy of mathematics. The JKU owes him a great debt of gratitude for his commitment, dedication, and involvement in establishing and implementing post-graduate degree programs at the JKU.

The JKU will remember Wolfgang Schlöglmann as an outstanding educator and a great research personality.

Professor Wolfgang Schlöglmann (1944-2021) Professor Wolfgang Schlöglmann (1944-2021)