Dr. Barbara Romauer - Vizerektorin für Finanzen JKU Linz

Vice-Rector of Finance

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The area of responsibility includes financial management and optimizing the use of resources at the JKU.

This includes

  • Finance and budget management
  • Controlling
  • Financial reporting
  • Bookkeeping and auditing
  • Investment management
  • External funding policies and administration
  • Corporate investment management
  • Risk management

These tasks and duties are completed by the departments of Finance and Investment Management, Financial Accounting, Controlling and External Funding Services

The goal is to implement financial and business management tools and ensure the best use of resources as well as aim to sustainably attain goals designed to support the core functions of teaching and research. Together with employees, we aim to work as a team to successfully advance the JKU toward a progressive future.

About Dr. Barbara Romauer