Cats, Rats & Lovebirds.

Double dates are always a bit complicated. And when a former couple meets with their new partners, it is usually not a sign of particular harmony. "Cats, Rats & Lovebirds" shows the flawless (bad) course of the evening and offers insights into the relationships between four very different personalities. Could be perfect ... if only this salt shaker, crystal structures and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle didn't exist ...

As part of the WTZ (Knowledge Transfer Center), the University of Art and Design Linz is working on new and alternative strategies for science communication. In continuation of the three films "Maybe Palermo", "Rhinospider - An Operation in Three Acts" and "Battery Betty", this successful science movie series continues with "Cats, Rats & Lovebirds", a cinematic approach to basic research.

The fourth project of this type deals with fundamental aspects of silicon photonics and in particular with electrically operated germanium quantum dot lasers for on-chip applications. At the 29th International Business Film Days, our submission »Cats, Rats & Lovebirds« won in the category "Technology, Research and Development" and was awarded a silver "Victoria". "Cats, Rats & Lovebirds" was developed in close cooperation between the University of Art and Design Linz, Moritz Brehm and Martyna Grydlik from the Institute for Semiconductor and Solid State Physics of Johannes Kepler University Linz and Luzi Katamay and Christian Dietl developed by LAS GAFAS FILME.